The Integrative Women's Health Summit was a two day event on integrative medicine approaches for the treatment of complex health challenges facing women in the 21st century.

Six of some of the most inspiring female clinicians from the US provided eight fantastic lectures (10 hours-worth) and the recording of the event is now available to purchase for just £99.

The Integrative Women's Health Summit Package: 

  • Full audio-visual recording of 8 lectures
  • Digital booklet of slides for annotation
  • 10 hours of education

Each speaker was engaging and inspiring. The level of delivery was the best I have seen across the board, and I learnt some great snippets as well as opening my eyes to question further that which is so often presented to be true.

Integrative Women's Health Summit delegate

Meet The Speakers

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Dr Aviva Romm
Dr Nalini Chilkov
Dr Cheryl Burdette
Dr Erin Stokes
Jessica Drummond
Rebecca Murray


Why looking after women and their children looks after all our futures Dr Aviva Romm, MD
An integrative approach to metabolic syndrome and PCOS Prof Rebecca Murray, MS, FNP, APRN
The deadly link between obesity, diabetes, insulin resistance and increased cancer risk Dr Nalini Chilkov, OMD
Botanical medicine for gynaecology, obstetrics and paediatrics Dr Aviva Romm, MD
Q&A with speakers

Chronic pelvic pain - a functional nutrition approach Jessica Drummond, MPT
It's not your hormones, it's their home: redefining menopause as a condition of cytokine imbalance and oxidation Dr Cheryl Burdette, ND
The estrablome: the link between your microbiome and oestrogenic cancers Dr Nalini Chilkov, OMD
The whole woman - thyroid health and chronic stress in the modern world Dr Erin Stokes, ND
Q&A with speakers

By combining the pearls of functional nutrition, herbal medicines and ancient practices, we as clinicians and physicians can help and inspire women to regain their vitality, energy and health.

Dr Aviva Romm, MD., Midwife, Herbalist & Mother. Keynote speaker.

BEST event so far this year...My head is bursting with all the knowledge!!

Integrative Women's Health Summit delegate

So inspiring! Has fuelled my engine to keep pursuing in this industry!

  Integrative Women's Health Summit delegate

Find out more about the Summit, the speakers, topics, and a welcome note from our Keynote Speaker, Dr Aviva Romm, which sets the scene of our Integrative Women's Health Summit.