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ArthoSoothe Cream 85g

This soothing topical cream can be used for joint and muscle discomfort. It is a wonderful complement to our encapsulated ArthroSoothe™ product. Topical application provides tissue-warming and surface-cooling effects, utilizing a complex and complete formulation.

Aloe vera gel‚ deionized water‚ Celadrin®‚ emu oil‚ capric/caprylic triglycerides‚ herbal blend (white willow bark‚ capsicum‚ arnica‚ chamomile‚ calendula‚ witch hazel)‚ polysorbate 60‚ glucosamine‚ chondroitin‚ glyceryl monostearate‚ MSM‚ glycerine‚ menthol‚ cajeput oil‚ cetyl myristoleate‚ carbomer‚ hyaluronic acid‚ Vitamin E‚ triethanolamine‚ balsam of peru oil‚ phenoxyethanol‚ oil of oregano‚ peppermint oil‚ tea tree oil‚ eucalyptus oil‚ carnosine.

Guaranteed GMP Compliant Product / Manufactured in a GMP Registered Facility in the USA.

Recommended Use

Massage into skin as needed for relief. Can be repeated several times a day as desired.