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Pre and Post Birth DHA Ultimate


Pre and Post Birth DHA Ultimate Package.

Your diet during pregnancy affects the amount of DHA your foetus receives as well as the amount that will be in your breast milk.  You can measure your blood levels of EPA+DHA with the Omega-3 Index kit while you are still pregnant and then measure your breast milk DHA once you start breastfeeding. Save time and money by ordering the Pre and Post-Birth DHA Ultimate Test Bundle:

    ✓ 1 Omega-3-Index Kit (measures Omega-3 blood levels)
    ✓ 2 Mother's Milk DHA Test Kit
    ✓ 3 Full Reports (Omega-3-Index & 2 x Mother's Milk DHA)
    ✓ Shipping included


Why measure breast milk omega-3s?

  • Omega-3 DHA is an important component of a baby’s developing brain
  • Baby’s best source for nutrition, including DHA, is breast milk
  • Breast milk can be very low in DHA
  • Moms can increase the amount of DHA in their breast milk through diet and/or supplements
  • The amount of DHA in the blood is related to the amount in breast milk, and moms can begin to increase their DHA levels during pregnancy
  • The only way to know how much DHA your baby is getting through breast milk is by measuring it – with the Mother’s Milk DHA Test.

Why OmegaQuant's Pre and Post DHA Ultimate Package?

  • Uses novel "dried milk spot” and "dried blood spot" technology
  • Simple and safe: Only need 1 drop of breast milk and blood!
  • Hassel-free: You will receive the test kit with everything you need (including shipping) to send your samples and results will be received within 5-7 working days of OmegaQuant receiving the sample.


Sample Type
Dried breast milk and dried bloodspot
Turnaround time
5-7 working days
Additional Information / Instructions

Omega Index:

The Omega-3 Index is the result of Dr. William Harris's 30 years of research in fatty acids and cardiovascular disease. The Omega-3 Index is a measure of omega-3 fatty acids, EPA+DHA in red blood cells, which relates to risk for heart disease and chronic illness.

Omega Quant's Full Fatty Acid Profile is a simple dried blood spot analysis, which is simple and safe, requiring just one drop of blood. 


Sample Reports / Downloads