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meeting of minds 2019


Our clinical education team will be road-tripping around the UK for a fun and educational discussion on nutraceutical innovations. 

There will be tea, and time to meet your fellow local healthcare professional community.

We have limited places at each location, so please book early.

For dates, locations & booking:

learning objectives

  • Understand the role of polyphenols as a tool to modulate gut inflammation and the microbiome 
  • Explore the gut-brain axis and probiotic interventions 
  • Learn about the vaginal-bladder-gut microbiome in UTI’s 
  • Understand the use of probiotics in oral health and disease 
  • Learn about the role of natural prokinetics and their use in SIBO 

donate what you feel

The price of your meeting of minds event is up to you. 

Please donate what you can and we will give 100% of the ticket sales to The Human Milk Foundation

Your support will help babies have access to human milk, to give them the best start in life. 
Thank you.

For dates, locations & booking: