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Immunology In Clinical Practice Online Course


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This course was born from many conversations with clinicians about the food sensitivity and allergy testing and the role of the intestinal barrier.

The immune system is incredibly complex, and there is a distinct clinical advantage in understanding the key players of the immune system when it comes to food allergy and/or sensitivity testing. We really felt this deserved a dedicated education platform.

There is no one better than the incredibly charismatic and knowledgeable Dr Cheryl Burdette, ND of Dunwoody Labs to take you under her wing.

Dr Burdette will walk you through the clinically pertinent players of the immune system, from a general overview to the specifics of IgE and IgG4 in food allergies, IgG and C3d in delayed hypersensitivities and the role of the intestinal barrier, zonlun, DAO, histamine and LPS in immunotolerance.

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