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Paul Stamets — How Mushrooms Can Save You and (Perhaps) the World

I loved hearing Paul talk about the potential that mushrooms have on our environment, and his own amazing experience in altering his stammer with psychotropic mushrooms. This podcast has definitely made me even more interested in the mycology within and around us.

Debbie Cotton

tim ferris


Tribal Psychology

This episode explores our tribal psychology, and how it may explain why progress - from science communication, to elections, to our ability to converge on the truth and build a better democracy - is not a linear advancement. It goes a long way to explaining why with some people, whatever you say, they just won't break their 'tribal' loyalty and see your point.

Lucy Rothwell

You are not so smart


Ground Zero for Gut Health: Probiotics, Microbiota Manipulation

Probiotic research has exploded! It’s time to move away from a ‘broad-spectrum probiotic’ to address ‘general dysbiosis’ and dive into the research on the target actions of specific strains. And the dose response. More is not necessarily better. It’s about matching the right strain that has the actions and attributes that we’re after to address the condition that we’re trying to treat or prevent.
Probioticadvisor.com is a very helpful resource for this.

Sue Camp

kara fitzgerald


Red Brain, Blue Brain

A wonderful podcast from NPR radio that explores the things we do unconsciously and looks into life’s unseen patterns. It questions the behaviour that drives choices, the impact these choices have in the world and the people around us, and whether we have the capacity to cultivate deep attention.

Humphrey Bacchus

hidden brain


Headspace - Could Mass Meditation Change Everything? (with Andy Puddicombe)

Russell Brand chats to Andy Puddicombe, the co-Founder of Headspace and looks at what could happen if more people started meditating

Kate Newton

under the skin


Michael Pollan — Exploring The New Science of Psychedelics

Almost every population group throughout evolution has used some form of food for mind altering purposes. It is interesting to see psychedelics re-emerging into main stream health approaches.

Louise Joyce

tim ferris


Dr David Butler: Explain Pain Supercharged

David Butler gives a comprehensive overview of the latest edition of the Explain Pain series, “Explain Pain Supercharged” and helps you understand complex pain concepts with simple explanations and mnemonics.

Deirdre Nazareth

pain supercharged


Reza Aslan – Deus Ex Hominem

This podcast made me completely re-think faith and religion. What it is, what its significance throughout our evolution has been, how it has evolved and why faith has been maintained throughout our evolution. This is a fascinating discussion, which ultimately made me stop and question myself: am I really an atheist? Do I really not have faith in anything?

Lucy Rothwell

Big Think


William Von Hippel

A great podcast about his book, “The Social Leap”, which details where we came from and how we came to be the way we are. They delve into how and why we left trees to inhabit land and how and why our brains changed size. Joe and William also discuss how competition, both social and sexual, drive human behaviour.

Deirdre Nazareth

Joe Rogan


HeartMath with Gavin Andrews

Our emotions are involved in our health, well-being and behavioural change. We can manage our ability to self-regulate through psycho-physiological coherence which helps us to find increased order and harmony to achieve optimal function and get the most out of life. By practising the HeartMath exercises (using biofeedback technology, or not) one can achieve an alignment between Heart and Mind, helping with both mental clarity and emotional balance.

Sue Camp

alex manos

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