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WEBINAR: Zonulin, DAO and LPS

Gastrointestinal permeability methodologies have been designed to assess the functional state and the permeability of various sites within the gastrointestinal tract both in "in vitro” and "in vivo.”In this webinar, Dr Burdette will discuss earlier testing such as the Lactulose/Mannitol test that was realised to be effective only in the assessment of nutrient absorption not intestinal permeability. Moreover other testing systems focused on monitoring the chronic leakage of molecules that are associated with the elasticity and the formation of the tight intracellular junction across the intestinal barrier that lead to conditions of autoimmunity. 

In contrast to the aforementioned methodologies the Dunwoody Labs Intestinal Barrier Assessment Profile assess the integrity of the intestinal barrier by directly measuring the molecules of the intestinal mucosal microstructures and the intercellular tight junctions.  Dr Burdette will also discuss exciting marker developments for the advanced Intestinal Barrier Profile. 

Invivo Education