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Identifying Helicobacter pylori's role in digestive and systemic disease 

Learn the associations between H. pylori and various important extragastric diseases, as well as the mechanisms behind them, including systemic inflammation, hypochloridia, anaemia and methylation and autoimmunity. During this webinar, GI testing will also be discussed, emphasisng the importance of H. pylori virulence factors. We will also run through some case-studies, and I will provide three proven botanical H. pylori-busting protocols to use with clients and patients.

Learning Objectives:

  • Succinctly summarise the associations between H. pylori and a range of extragastric and extraintestinal diseases: 
    • Cardiovascular disorders
    • Fertility
    • Chronic pain syndromes
    • Skin disease
    • Kidney disease
  • Understand the underlying mechanisms behind these associations to enable additional lab assessment
  • Appreciate the importance of H. pylori-strain detection using a test such as the GI-MAP
  • Acknowledge the benefits and drawbacks relating to the four main H. pylori tests
  • Discuss the evidence and controversy around H. pylori eradication therapies (failure rates, antibiotic resistance)
  • Provide three proven botanical H. pylori-busting protocols to use with clients and patients

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