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PerioBiotic Probiotic Toothpaste

Imbalanced bacteria and poor dental hygiene can lead not only to cavities and gum disease, but also to elevated levels of inflammation in the body causing heart disease and other inflammatory conditions. This inflammation can be measured by a blood test called CRP, short for C-Reactive Protein. Results of a study published May 27, 2010 in the online British Medical Journal showed, after adjustment for established risk factors, that participants who reported less frequent tooth brushing had an increased risk of heart disease compared with people who brushed their teeth twice a day. Participants who had poor oral hygiene also had increased levels of CRP and fibrinogen.

An important preventive measure is to rebalance the mouth bacteria along with good dental prophylaxis (teeth and gum cleaning).

Periobiotic toothpaste is the best way we have found to address this problem in a proactive preventive fashion. Don’t let the name fool you…it is not just any toothpaste! Periobiotic contains the proper balance of oral flora to help support your immune system.

PerioBiotic™ toothpaste contains Dental-Lac™, a patent pending and clinically tested functional lactobacillus dental hygiene probiotic not found in any other toothpaste. Research on Dental-Lac™, a specific Lactobacillus paracasei strain, demonstrates its ability to kill off harmful strains of oral bacteria including streptococcus mutans, a significant contributor to dental caries, tooth decay and periodontal disease.

Like probiotics in the human intestinal tract, beneficial flora in the mouth is critical to maintaining an oral environment conducive to healthy teeth and gums.

In addition, PerioBiotic™ contains two active ingredients that have been shown in research to promote dental and oral health via their cavity-fighting abilities: xylitol and calcium glycerophosphate.

It does NOT contain several very unhealthy substances common to other toothpastes such as sodium lauryl-sulfate (the stuff that makes toothpaste foam but also has been shown to increase the incidence of canker sores), fluoride (a toxin that suppresses thyroid and immune function and is a known carcinogen), triclosan (a toxic chemical that suppresses thyroid function and is associated with cancer), synthetic glycerine, artificial sweeteners, surfactants or foaming agents.

This makes it safe if swallowed, so it is a great functional product for the whole family.

PerioBiotic™ Fennel 


PerioBiotic™ Spearmint


Proper procedure for cleaning your teeth:

Brush with PerioBiotic™ toothpaste. It does not foam so there is no need to rinse and spit, allowing the beneficial effects to remain.

Floss gently or use a water irrigation device to remove plaque from between the teeth. Water is less abrasive to the gums, decreasing bleeding and the introduction of mouth bacteria into the blood stream. By brushing with PerioBiotic™ first, you also decrease the amount of bacteria in the mouth, prior to flossing.

Brush again with PerioBiotic™ to restore the good bacteria in the mouth and be sure to leave the beneficial residue to protect your teeth and gums for hours afterwards.

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