Bio.Me Range


The Bio.Me range has been designed with human ecology in mind.  
And the beautiful synergy between humans, microbes, plants and fungi. 

Blending modern clinical research with traditional botanical medicines and naturopathic principles, these integrative formulas work to balance and optimise the health of the host, and their body's microbiomes. 

the Bio.Me range

Bio.Me Essential

This is a foundational polyphenol-rich formula for your body’s multiple microbiomes. 

Evidence points away from the remove and re-inoculate process, and points towards re-balancing the immune system and the environment for your microbial inhabitants. 

Bio.Me Essential is designed as a foundational pin, to work in synergy with the other Bio.Me products. It can also be used as a standalone maintenance product.

Bio.Me Essential

Bio.Me Kinetic

A phytonutrient formula to support gut motility

Bio.Me Barrier

Clinically researched probiotics for the gut-brain microbiome

Bio.Me Femme

Clinically researched probiotics for the female microbiome

Bio.Me Oral

Clinically researched probiotics for the oral microbiome