The Integrative Approach To Autoimmune Disease

Join us on Friday 29th June in London where we will be hosting the wonderful Dr David Brady for a fun, information-packed event, full of clinical pearls. We will also be hosting a gut-brain bar, sampling a few Designs for Health products.

A note from Dr Brady:

Integrative medicine clinicians from various professional backgrounds and fields, including clinical nutritionist and the nutritionally-minded physician, are encountering an ever-growing population of patients suffering from autoimmune-related disorders, especially women, who are seeking complementary care. These patients are usually also receiving primary disease management from specialists such as rheumatologists. Healthcare providers of all types need to understand both benefits and risks of standard interventions, as well as those of the evidence-based complementary and integrative approaches available.

We will explore:

  • Why females are at such increased risk 
  • The role of the GI microbiota, food immune reactions, stealth infections and molecular mimicry in autoimmune disease pathogenesis 
  • How these may serve as leverage points for clinical interventions 
  • The hygiene hypothesis and changes in early environmental antigen exposure 
  • New opportunities for proactive screening for at-risk subjects for autoimmune disorders such as: rheumatoid arthritis, ankylosing spondylitis, inflammatory bowel diseases, diabetes, multiple sclerosis, lupus, and others, using emerging predictive antibody testing from the perspective of the clinical nutritionist and the nutritionally-minded physician.

Dr David Brady

I will attempt to close the considerable gap which currently exists between the focus of autoimmune medical research and the current approach to these conditions in standard clinical medicine. It is becoming very clear that autoimmune disease is a complex entity and may represent the result of a "perfect storm" of biological and environmental factors and that a systems-biology approach, utilising a wider-lens perspective, will be required as these subjects are approached clinically. 

I will put forth a suggested strategy and clinical algorithm for the clinician to consider in working through these complex clinical scenarios.

I look forward to seeing you there.

Dr David Brady

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Friday 29th June 2018

41 Portland Place, Marylebone, London, W1B 1QH


Designs For Health Brain-Gut bar, tea, coffee & snacks




  1. Appreciate the current epidemiological trends in autoimmune incidence, morbidity and mortality. 
  2. Understand the linkage and association between autoimmune disease prevalence and factors including the GI microbiota composition, food immune reactions, stealth infections, molecular mimicry, lack of early diverse antigen exposure, and other elements. 
  3. Appreciate the available clinical laboratory testing related to autoimmune disease risk assessment, diagnosis, and clinical management, including PCR molecular-based evaluation of the GI microbiota, various food sensitivity assays, and predictive autoantibody tests. 
  4. Understand the available evidence-based nutritional, lifestyle and complementary therapeutic interventions for autoimmune disorders.
  5. Become enlightened on strategies of collaborative care for patients with autoimmune disorders.

About Dr Brady

Dr Brady has 26-years of clinical experience and 22 years in health sciences academia. He currently serves as the Vice President for Health Sciences and Director of the Human Nutrition Institute at the University of Bridgeport. He is a practicing ND licensed in CT and VT and is board certified in functional medicine and clinical nutrition. He is an expert consultant to the nutritional supplement and clinical laboratory industries, serving as the Chief Medical Officer for Designs for Health, Inc. and Diagnostic Solutions Labs, LLC. Dr. Brady has appeared on the plenary speaking panel of the largest and most prestigious conferences in the fields on integrative medicine including, IFM, ACAM, A4M, IHS, AANP, etc. He has published a multitude of scientific papers and textbooks related to fibromyalgia, autoimmunity and gastroenterology and is a featured contributing author in the medical textbooks Integrative Gastroenterology (Mullin, G) and Advancing Medicine with Food and Nutrients (Kohlstadt, I). 

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