Humphrey's Immune Picks


I love Probiommune, but my kids probably love it more. I took this home for the whole family as a preventative supplement over winter. Now my 2-year-old asks for her Probiommune every morning, without fail.

Key Features:

  • Streptococcus salivarius (BLIS K12®)

A special, human-derived strain, which is a common beneficial bacterium found in the healthy oral cavity that helps inhibit the proliferation of pathogenic bacteria.

  • Beta Glucan (Wellmune®)

A natural yeast beta glucan derived from the cell wall of a highly purified, proprietary strain, which has been clinically demonstrated to safely enhance the immune system, without over-stimulating it.

  • Contains no sucrose or fructose

Strawberry-flavored lozenges sweetened and flavoured with lo han guo and the polyol mannitol - this product is child friendly and effective.

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Who doesn’t love a supportive blend of Shiitake, Maitake, Beta-Glucans, Elderberry and Astragalus? I have got us all at the HQ using this now. It's the first thing the team do when they get here in the morning. Botanicals at their best.

Key Features: 

  • Elderberry & Astragalus

Two commonly used herbs around the world for their antioxidant and immune-potentiating effects and promotion of NK cell activity.

  • Wild Cherry Bark 

Contains the cyanogenetic glycoside, prunasin which sedates the cough reflex.

  • Shiitake, Maitake & Beta 1,3 Glucan

Known for their cholesterol-lowering, and NK cell activity-promoting effects.

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Aiming to keep viruses at bay during these next few months, this highly bioavailable, potent form of lauric acid is always in my wellness pack at home.

Key Features:

  • Potent virucidal and bactericidal

Unlike antibiotics, it has not been shown to result in antibacterial resistance, nor have adverse effects on the microbiome. Therefore, it is beneficial as a preventative during cold and flu season, as well as for acute use and for stealth infections such as those linked to Lyme disease and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Vitamin C

For added immune benefit, as well as sunflower lecithin to enhance absorption of monolaurin.

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