Human Ecology Talks

Human Ecology Talks No.1

100% of ticket sales donated to grass-roots initiatives, for the benefit of our ecosystem.

When: 3rd October 2018 | 18:00-21.30

Where: Impact Hub, Kings Cross, London, N1 9AB

Donate What You Feel
Suggested Cost:
£50 (exc. Eventbrite fees)

Grass-Roots Health Initiative: Human Milk Foundation

Free Bar: natural wine, Stroud Brewery beer, fresh juice, mylk, water

Complimentary Bits from our Sponsors: Waterbomb, Rebel Kitchen Mylk, Borough Broth, The Gloucester Biltong Company, Hunter & Gather Foods, Hobbs House Bakery, Junius, Stroud Brewery

Human Ecology Talks No1

Why Attend?

Human Ecology Talks brings together thought-leaders from diverse disciplines to discuss a new way of thinking about our modern environment. 

The majority of us no longer reside in an ecosystem that is conducive to health. Arguably, modern 'advancements' in technology have been the drivers of this shift.

What can we learn from the ecosystems of our past, to make our present and future better for our health and wellbeing?

How can we use modern technologies to re-connect with our ecosystem?

How do these help us re-define a healthy 'modern ecology'?

What To Expect

The evening will be structured around four 20-minute talks. 

In between we will 'break bread' and do what humans do best: socialise. 

We have a variety of food and drinks for you, as well as bits and bobs from our lovely sponsors.

Our Donation

We are using this event as a force for good. We will donate 100% of ticket sales to grass-roots health initiatives, for the benefit of our ecosystem. 

Each Human Ecology Talks will be donated to a different initiative. No1 will be donated to the Human Milk Foundation.

Our Speakers

Dr Natalie Shenker
Cofounder Human Milk Foundation & Hearts Milk Bank CIC

Talk: Can Human Milk Banks Help Save The Planet?
Milk banking is a little known service that holds the potential to revolutionise how new mothers are supported, impacting individual families and global health.

Why We Chose the Human Milk Foundation As Our Beneficiary

When you think about ways to ensure humans have the best chance in life from day one, breast milk feeding is right at the top of the list. Milk is an astonishing product, and research shows the life-long benefits when infants are breastfed. For all babies to have access to breast milk is a wonderful goal and one that must be integrated into any sustainable healthcare approach.

The Human Milk Foundation is leading the way in providing infants with access to breast milk through hospitals and community-based clinicians. They are also pioneering research into the constituents and health benefits of this magical liquid. Their work is important. It matters.

Dr Shenker

Prof Collet

Professor Carole Collet
Design for Sustainable Futures & Director Design & Living Systems Lab, Central Saint Martins

Talk: Biodesign
Intersecting research in design and biology to foster sustainable innovation.

Dr Howick

Dr Jeremy Howick
Medical epidemiologist & empirical philosopher

Talk: A Healthy Dose Of Empathy
For patients' health, every healthcare consultation needs a dose of empathy.

Mark Aink

Mark Aink
Brandactivist, owner Native Circles, lead insurgent COMMON

Talk: Nature's Call
Companies are part of life. You’ll benefit if you treat yours like a living system.

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Talks, food & drink subject to change.