The gastrointestinal tract is a key area for us at Invivo. 

Personally, it is the area we get most excited about, and we are proud of the tools we have curated for you and your patients. 

There's nothing quite like running through case studies to really get a good grasp on a test and the many patterns of symptoms and results that patients throw our way.

GI-MAP case studies with
Sue Camp, MSc

When: Wednesday 14th November 2018, 19.30-20.30

40 mins reviewing GI-MAP case studies including symptoms, result patterns and nutraceutical considerations to increase clinical understanding of lower GI testing, and build confidence for complex cases
+ 20 mins q&a

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SIBO case studies with
Deirdre Nazareth, M(ost), DO, ND, MSc Pain, IFMC

When: Wednesday 5th December 2018, 17.00-18.00

40 mins reviewing case studies of hydrogen sulfide, methane and combined results and complex result and symptom patterns to increase clinical understanding, and build confidence for complex cases
+ 20 mins q&a

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