Meet Dr Aviva Romm, MD

Dr Aviva Romm

Keynote Speaker at the Integrative Women's Health Summit 

Dr Aviva Romm is a Yale-trained physician and an internationally respected expert in integrative medicine for women and children, midwifery, herbalism, an award-winning author and is the mother of four grown children. She has spent nearly 30 years as a health care practitioner and advocate for the health and environmental concerns of women and children. She is also a founder of the Yale Integrative Medicine program, and the author of 7 books on natural medicine for women and children. Dr Romm was one of the first pioneers in natural birth and botanical medicine for gynaecology, obstetrics, and paediatrics in the United States. She is also a sought after botanical medicine industry consultant, medical journal editor and contributor, the Medical Director of, and frequent contributor to, The American Herbal Pharmacopoeia, and has contributed to several important integrative medicine textbooks including Integrative Medicine: Principles for Practice (Kligler and Lee).

Why Looking After Women & Their Children Looks After All Our Futures

Dr Aviva Romm, MD

The health of the mother truly determines the health of the future. From the health of the microbiome, to the impact of epigenetics on chronic disease development, the stress set point of the HPA axis in the next generation, and even the health of the environment and antibiotic viability, we have to look as upstream as we possibly can and make a revolutionary shift in the way we understand multi-generational health. In this keynote we’ll explore the impact of maternal health on the greater human health, economics, and ecology.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the impact of the maternal microbiome on immunity, stress, and disease.
  • Understand the impact of material nutrition on chronic disease development in the next generation.
  • Understand the impact of maternal environmental toxin exposure and genetic alterations in the next generation.
  • Learn what can be done to shift these impacts immediately and individually, and in the long run, globally. 

Botanical Medicine For Gynaecology, Obstetrics & Paediatrics

Dr Aviva Romm, MD

Botanical medicine use goes back to our earliest days on the planet, yet is enjoying a modern resurgence, even finding its way into the physician’s office - whether vis-a-vis patient use, or practitioner prescribing as an alternative or adjunct to conventional treatments. But do botanical medicines have a role in gynecology, obstetrics, or pediatrics? In this class we’ll take a look at a sampling of the leading evidence for botanicals in these disciplines, and discuss whether progressive physicians and other practitioners can - and perhaps should - consider expanding their pharmacy to include some “farmacy.”

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the data on botanical and integrative therapies for fertility support, NVP,  and prenatal depression.
  • Review the data on botanicals and integrative therapies for perimenopausal symptoms
  • Review the data on botanicals for preventing antibiotic overuse and the treatment of common children’s symptoms, including fever and upper respiratory infection. 

Dr Romm represents what our broken health care system most needs right now – the integration of ancient healing wisdom with the best of modern technology, all delivered straight from the heart. She understands that it’s not enough just to dose up herbs, prescribe drugs, or perform surgery, that as doctors, our job is not just to cure, but to facilitate healing of both the body and the soul.

Dr Lissa Rankin, MD
Dr Lissa Rankin, MD