Price Structure Amendments

After listening to your feedback, we have evolved the structure of our Lab Diagnostic pricing, while aiming to remain as transparent as possible.

Lab Diagnostics:

You will see an RRP for our test kits on the price list. This is also the price you will see when you are logged-out of the website.

The RRP is a recommended price, should you wish to add an additional fee on to the test for your interpretation. We leave this to you.

The RRP is roughly 10% more than the Clinician price.

When you log-in you will automatically see the Clinician price.

If you have set up a Patient Portal, they will also see your Clinician price for Lab tests when they log-in.

This is because we do not pay commission on Lab Diagnostic tests.

If you want to charge your patients the RRP, please ensure you order and pay for the test kits.

We have also created a Wholesale price. 

This is available to support any clinicians who are directly ordering over 15 lab tests with us per month. This does not apply if you ask your patients to order their own lab tests.

The Wholesale price is 20% less than the RRP, in most cases.

Price Changes:

We have avoided price increases since early 2017. Unfortunately, we are now unable to avoid a slight increase.

We have minimised this as much as possible; on average, tests have gone up by around £2 to £3. Remember, this increase is to the Clinician price, which is the price you, and your patients will pay directly to us. The RRP is 10% more, but is a recommended retail price, should you want to add your own fee.

There are no changes to the Nutraceuticals prices. 

You can download a new price list below. You will see the RRP, Clinician and Wholesale price listed. You and your patients will pay the Clinician price.

We hope this is clear, and transparent. If you do have any queries, please just get in touch with us.