Invivo Clinical

Invivo Clinical was founded a decade ago as a company to provide European healthcare professionals with innovative diagnostic testing, therapeutic formulas and education. Our key clinical provisions are in the areas of Gastroenterology, Immunology, Neuro-Endocrinology and Cardio-Metabolic medicine.

The company values reflect a commitment and absolute focus on improving patient outcomes. As a team we are proud of fostering brighter ideas and community in modern healthcare. We place transparency and environmental responsibility at the heart of our company decision making process, understanding the impact that modern medicine can have on global resources and biodiversity.

We're driven by the mantra 'less is more'.

We believe patients are more similar than they are different in the majority of cases. Our aim is to bring coherence to the increasing complexity of Functional Medicine, diagnostic testing and therapeutic nutraceutical application. For this reason, we have distilled our products down to those we truly believe in. This might be in their utility, their advanced methodology or formulas, or the technical support we can offer. Most likely it is all three. We also place great value on education on what really matters in the context of managing health and chronic disease. 

We take the 80/20 principle, where the majority of gains in health are made from fewer key diagnostic tests and interventions. This brings us nicely back round to our products, which you can trust we have spent time researching and understanding implicitly in this context. 

Invivo Clinical is committed to services that meet these needs, in both the diagnostic and therapeutic nutraceutical application, for best patient outcomes.

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