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Integrative Medicine: at the heart of every thing we do

Integrative Medicine Service Providers

At Invivo Clinical we are committed to providing comprehensive Integrative Medicine services, which allow the allopathic and naturopathic clinician to best meet the diagnostic and therapeutic needs of their patients. 

Meet the leadership team

We work with leading laboratories and innovative nutrient companies 

Over the last decade we have developed key partnerships with leading laboratories who specialise in advanced diagnostics for human health and innovative therapeutic nutrient companies. Each laboratory company offers a combination of essential and novel biomarkers to ensure the best patient outcomes while each nutrient company provides highly bioavailable, pharmaceutical grade formulations.

We provide clinical tools, resources and education

Our role is to provide the clinician with clinical tools, resources and education that places integrative medicine at the heart of everything both they, and we, do. Our goal is to establish long term partnerships with clinics and individual practitioners that help them develop outstanding practices. 

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